Herbal & Natural Medicine Podcast’s

I’m a self proclaimed podcast junkie!  If you are too and are looking for podcast’s about the use of herbs or natural medicine here is a great list of podcast’s to enjoy!  The first 6 ones I never miss an episode of.


Common Wealth Herbs – They put out a well organized great herbal podcast by Ryn and Katja! My favorite!

Rosalee de la Foret – Herbs with Rosalee – Boy was I thrilled when she came out with a podcast about herbs!  Very well done.

Naomi Kilbreth’s The Family Herbalism Podcast – Great subjects.

In the Clinic with Camille Freeman – lots of great podcasts on growing your business

Mel Mutterspaugh – The Herbalist’s Path – Lots of different topics.

Herb Rally – lots of monographs, and other topics. Sometimes the quality of the podcast can be hard to hear but definitely worth listening too.

Aviva Romm. – Natural MD Radio | Feel better, Live better.

Real Herbalism Radio – I enjoy the interviews.


Herbally Yours with Ellen Kamhi – not all about herbs but some good podcasts

MG Herbs – The Naked Naturopath – Some of these cover herbs, or interesting topics.

Listen with Forage Botanicals – These are good monographs once you get past all the chatter.

Herbalist’s Without Borders

Herb Mentor Radio by Learning HErbs – they had stopped for a while but are back at it!


Christian Natural Health – She has good stuff from a natural paths point of view and uses herbs also.

Dr. Ruscio – Functional Medicine – great podcast

Evolution of Medicine – Functional Forum – good podcast

The People’s Pharmacy, let’s play it! – They cover lots of interesting topics, sometime natural remedies, and current medical happenings.


Herbal Medics University Podcast– Not many podcasts, but they are great by Sam Coffman

HERBAL RADIO – THE FREE HERBALISM PROJECT – These are old and great! Get new ones yearly

Herbal Wisdom – I forget about this on whether they are good or not.

The Herb Nerd Podcast  – These are decent but sometimes poor quality

Aromatic Wisdom: The Voice of Aromatherapy | Essential Oils | Hydrosols | Natural Health | Healthy Living  – Good podcast on aromatherapy she appears to be not making more


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