Why the National Elderberry Shortage?

So why the elderberry shortage?  The wonderful thing is that those who don’t know about herbs are learning about Elderberry and it’s amazing benefits… the bad thing about this is…. everyone wants to buy it and now unfortunately there is now a shortage on finding elderberries!

Now we end up fighting for our berries with the big companies and the birds and our stock is as empty of berries as this tree!!!


Organic Berries are harder to come by.  Wild-crafted berries are easier to come by.  The only issue of wild crafted is you never know where they get them, (unless they say) I get my wild crafted berries from my back yard, so I know they are not from some drainage ditch near a field that is sprayed with chemicals.

Elderberry Trees are really easy to propagate for your self.  Here’s a great article on how.  In 2-3 years you will have your own berries!  Elder tree’s multiply like mad also.  I find that they grow really well around my shed because they get extra water from the run off of the shed.  They do like extra water.  Fair warning.  It is not fun to gather your own berries.  It is hard work!  I prefer to buy but with the shortage I resorted to picking my own berries this year.  Hopefully more growers will be found.

Here are some companies I buy my berries from.  Good luck!

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