Free Reputable Herbal Resources

When I first started learning about herbs, I didn’t have a lot of money. I couldn’t afford to buy books or courses and benefited from herbalist’s write-ups and blogs.  I learned a lot from these sources and they are very useful.

I’ve put together this list of  sites with quality information you can trust describing herbs and how to use them. I hope to inspire you to learn more about herbs and how they can benefit your health.



David Hoffman – 100 + monographs

Sharol Tilgner: 100+ Short Materia Medica but useful

Richard Whelan: Medical Herbalist Herbs from A-Z: has around 200 herb monographs.  Well formed.

American Botanical Council:  Herbs marked with an * are not free. Some things are free, a lot are not.  You’ll need to register for an account also.

A Modern Herbal by Maude Grieve:   Relied on by many and used for many years, especially by those teaching today.

Tillotson Institute of Natural Health:  100 herbal monographs.

Althea Provence – Christophe Bernard-Herbaliste: 57 Herb Monographs.  These are wonderful detailed monographs.  You will need to translate the pages though.

Herbal Legacy – Dr. Christopher’s: Theses from the graduates of the School of Natural Healing.

Herbal Prescriber – Dr. Christopher Hobbs – Dr. Christopher’s Articles and Monographs

Dr. Christopher’s, Articles

Henriette’s Herbal: There is tons of information on herbs here just do a search. Lots of photo’s also.

Herb Rally Monographs: 40+ monographs written by various herbalist’s. They also have a great podcast that you can listen to these monographs.

Todd Caldecott: 35+ Herbs. Must be a subscriber to see content. Free to subscribe.  A lot of his herbs are used in Ayureveda.

Herbs with Rosalee de la Foret: She periodically adds more.

Kiva Rose Anima Lifeways & herbal School:  30+ monographs

Kiva’s Blog

Steven Fosters: 24 monographs

Commonwealth Center For Holistic Herbalism: with Ren & Katja Blog format with lots of monographs and other articles

Jim McDonald’s Herbcraft: 20+ herbs and other articles

Lesley Tiera’s Blog: Not necessarily monographs but has articles on specific herbs. – Can also do a search

Michael Tiera’s Blog: Also has some articles on specific herbs. – can do a search Maria Noel Groves: couple herbs monographs.

Health Canada: 100+ herb monographs

Medicinal Plants of Texans: 50+ monographs written by studens of wildflowerherbschool. Monographs by Lisa Moseby

California School of Hispanic Herbalism: Over 25 monographs

Healing Weeds: 50 + monographs.

Whispering Earth Materia Medica: 25+ Monographs

Wild Man Steve Brill: 25+ plants. Great photo’s and ways to eat them.

The Northwest School for botanical studies: Herbs at a glance 18 herb monographs.

Medical Herbalism Materia Medica & Pharmacy: Mostly articles or studies on herbs not necessarily full monographs.

Blessed Maine Herb Farm: little bits of info on about 20 herbs A couple of small profiles on some herbs.  couple herb profiles

The Wild Pharma: blog style Has a little bit of info on around 200 herbs.  I don’t know that those putting this website out there though are practicing herbalist.  Might just be bloggers.

AHPA: BOTANICAL CATEGORY LISTING: You can get photos and other tid bits of info from these listings.

The Southern Herbalist:  Herbal Monographs & Videos on Appalachian Mountain Herbs here.




American Herbalist Guild: I’d be remiss to not mention the many free public webinars put on by the Guild. They are great and you can learn quite a bit.

Healthy. Net – David Hoffmann: 80+ articles Herbal Resources by Dr. Tilgner

Richard Whelan’s Conditions Treated A-Z :  200 + articles Therapeutics Article Index

Commonwealth Center For Holistic Herbalism: with Ren & Katja Blog format with lots of monographs and other articles

Todd Caldecott: 45+ articles.  You’ll need to register first.

Christopher Hobbs Ailments Database: 50+ articles

27 more articles by Christopher Hobbs articles: by Christopher Hobbs

Medicinal Herbs – Christopher Hobbs

Brigitte Mars Articles: 80+ Articles 50+ Articles You will need to translate the page.

7Song & the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine: Useful articles on Body systems and 1st aid and more.

Jim McDonald’s Herbcraft: 20+ herbs and other articles

Lesley Tiera’s Blog: – Can also do a search

Michael Tiera’s Blog: – can do a search

Susun Weed: Has many articles listed, some in order to read the full article you would need to be a student.

Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalsim class handouts, articles, lecture notes Maria Noel Groves class notes and videos

Matthew Wood: some selections from Earthwise Herbal

Chanchal Cabrera: couple of articles looks like just a bloggers info not necessarily an herbalist, not sure of this resource.


Medical Journals.

Dr. Dukes: Database: Phytochemical and ethnonotancial database

Advanced Herbal Medicine: Open source international Journal  Will need to register.

PubMed: Abstracts and some articles are free.

Britannica: Historical references to herbal applications.

European Medicines Agency: Type in the Latin Name in the Keyword search. Excellent resource from European regulatory agency. Final and draft documentation: assessment reports and monographs. Assessment reports in particular are very beneficial.



HerbTV: Huge supply of herb walks, Herbalist Interviews and more.

Steven Horne: A wealth of videos, and mini courses. Some webinars to kick start some of his courses.

East West Herb School: Of particular interest is the Pulse and Tongue Diagnose videos.

The Human Path – Sam Coffman: Survival School videos and more.  Fun and informative

Susun Weed and the Wise Woman Tradition: Start off with how to make herbal infusions and go from there to the many other short and sweet videos.  She adheres to the Herbs are People Medicine and will show how to videos on herbal preparations the simple way.


Mountain Rose Herbs: Has numerous how-to videos.

Christopher Hobbs: 10 lectures

Jim McDonald: Couple of herb walks with Jim, they are always fun to watch.

7Song: couple of herb walks with 7Song



Canada Database: for adverse reactions

European Adverse Drug Reaction Reports can check herbs/drug interactions: just add drug and herbs to the lists. list of some possible drug/herb interactions


NUTRITRION & YOU.COM: Some herb nutritional facts


Michael Moore’s stuff

FREE RESOURES RECOMMEND BY Micahe Moore + his articles

Michael Moore’s School material now free

Michael Moore’s Herb manuals

Master Genus Index integrating ALL plant photographs, illustrations, maps, abstracts, constituents, monographs, major papers and folios by genus and species.



Culpper’s Book

Kings American Dispensery


If you could like to add your website to this list please contact me here, or leave a comment below.

This is information I have compiled with my time. Feel free to share this source with this original post.  Please do not just copy and share in your own format. – Thanks Mindy


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