Family Herbalist Program & Individual Classes

Individual Classes

Occasionally I offer individual classes in person with hands-on options. I have recordings of some of these that are available for purchase.

Family Herbalist Course

In this program, you will learn how to take charge of your own health and your family’s health using herbs with confidence. It is a beginner’s program.  You will be able to call yourself a Family Herbalist after you complete it.  

I love Mindy’s passion for her work. She is well prepared and makes learning easy and fun. I always enjoy her presentations and especially learn a lot during in-house lab sessions. She has a knack for a variety of methods and really understands the health and wellness application of each herb and plant. I am amazed at the vast array of uses of the plants we study! I also appreciate the many resources she provides, from books to articles to online sites. Mind is a wealth of knowledge, quite a treasure.

— Pam Y.

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