Consultations Offered

All consultations include free herbs for that session

Initial Full Consult + Follow-up + Free Herbs to get Started: Package Deal

$139: 20% savings when booking initial and follow-up appointments together.

This is a 90-120 minute meeting with me for chronic or complicated conditions. We will discuss your health history and I will also use traditional assessments of the face, tongue & constitution & try to determine the root cause of your chronic health concern. We will meet in person or on video chat.

Price includes all the below:

One 45 min. Follow-up. The herbs I feel you need for this and the follow-up visit. A customized health plan for you. Email correspondence with me (within reason).

*Time of appointment includes 20-30 min. to make herbal blends.

Initial + Follow-up Apt.
90-120 min.
Initial Full Consult Only
60-90 min.
Follow-up + herbs
60 min.
Follow-up + herbs
30 min.
Kid’s under 10 for Initial
60-90 min.

Acute Care Consultation

New Clients an additional $10

This is a 30 minute session for help with simple, acute health situations, like colds/flus, Urinary Tract issues, infections, minor injuries, symptom relief of things like allergies. This does not get to the root cause of any long-time chronic issues “including allergies”

Consultation at prices listed to the right includes 30 min. session and the herbs needed. Also a mini plan to help with your acute situation.

1 week
2 week
3-4 week
New Clients
Acute Care Options


I will refill your custom blends at prices listed. I do ask though that after 6 mo. If you are still needing the blend that we have another 30 min. Follow-up to see about adjusting things or to move you off needing the herbs or changing the formula. Each oz. typically last around 1 week for your planning.

Please allow for 24-48 hrs. for your formula to be refilled.

You can also just text/email for pick-up times. 402-522-6638 or

1oz Custom
2oz Custom
4oz Custom
8oz Custom
Email for price of Syrups, Teas or Infusions
Tincture Custom Blends


Get free herbs by helping me out!

If you come help me in processing herbs for 2 hours. I will give you a free consult + 50% off herbs needed. Or you can work for 4 hrs and get a free consult and free herbs up to $48. If you just need herbs I also have the option for working 2 hours for herbs up to $48.

If this does not work for you please contact me for other options! I always want to help!


Working with Mindy helps me finanacially and I’ve found it fascinating and educational. What some may consider weed can actually be used for our health and healing. It’s interesting to see how “weeds” become “medicine”. Mindy gladly shares her knowledge that helps me with my overall health.

1oz Custom
2oz Custom
4oz Custom
8oz Custom
Tincture Custom Blends

I can’t even say how invaluable your help, advice, herbs knowledge was last week. I kept thanking God that I know you and had you there for me. I appreciate everything you did and continue to do, including checking up on me! I owe you big time!

-Sara Ann

I recommend the whole nine yards! Mindy is amazing! She is so full of knowledge, compassion, and there to want to help others get better! Total wellness with herbs, teas, tinctures, etc. is the new health care!

-Megan R.

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