Free Reputable Herbal Resources

When I first started learning about herbs, I didn’t have a lot of money. I couldn’t afford to buy books or courses and benefited from herbalist’s write-ups and blogs.  I learned a lot from these sources and they are very useful.

I’ve put together this list of  sites with quality information you can trust describing herbs and how to use them. I hope to inspire you to learn more about herbs and how they can benefit your health.


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Free Basic Aromatherapy Courses

So your interested in learning about Essential Oils. You probably have a friend who is into MLM Essential Oils… but you also might have heard from other friends… be careful with essential oils, they are like or as strong as drugs. MLM marketing classes have info about their product and why their product is the best and how to use it.  I think it’s great though to learn from respected certified aromatherapist’s who have been trained, in the use and safety of Essential Oils.

You can find Certified Aromatherapist’s in your area to learn from here at the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA).

Don’t have a certified aromatherapist in your area? Here are some free introductory courses for using Essential Oils.  I’ve listed them in the order that I feel is the best course. I have taken some classes from my local Certified Aromatherapist and these courses.  Learned something at every one.  These free courses will also help you see if you like their teaching style in order to further your education of Essential Oils with them.

New York Institute of Aromatic Studies: with Jade Shutes. Was a rather in-depth intro I felt. I loved it. Includes downloadable handouts and recipes also.

Aromahead Institute: with Andrea Butje. Simple but good intro. Has a lot of recipes.

Tisserand Institute: How Essential Oils Work in the Body: with Robert Tisserand, who is considered to be the Godfather of Essential Oil Safety. Very short and technical. He has written the very in-depth Essential Oil Safety Book.  It’s a bit more text book like and not leisure reading. He also has a great page here on Essential Oil Safety.

Floracopeia: with David Crow. He actually represents his own brand but it is not a MLM company.  He also has an article and a link to a free e-book here.

Essential Oil Research Interpretation: Franklin Institute of Wellness with Jessie Hawkins: She essentially just reads from her slides so it can be rather dry.  When you sign up for this mini course you will get future e-mails of free webinars she conducts. They are very heavily research based, but I’ve learned many things.

Blossom & Blends: Essential Oil Safety E-Course: I’ve actually not looked at this course.

If you live in the Omaha, NE area you can learn from Kate Bodmann with Land of Milk & Honey Herbs. She is of course a certified aromatherapist and my mentor.

Happy learning about Essential Oils.