Sunscreen Recipe

I used to sell my own sunscreen and it worked great the 1st 2 times I made it. The 2nd time it seemed like I was burning but it seemed blotchy. Here is an article explaining homemade Sunscreens and why they are unreliable. (She is an independent research and formulating Chemist working as a consultant in the Cosmetic Industry. Her insights come from making, testing and evaluating sunscreens.) She explains how homemade sunscreens are hard to predict how much SPF is in it and the zinc oxide is finicky. It can sometimes suspend together and cause blotchy sunburns. So I stopped selling it and just make for my family. I gladly share my recipe though as I do believe when it works, it works great and there are no chemicals.


  • 1/4 CUP ALOE VERA GEL (Not juice and buy organic)
  • 1/2 CUPS COCONUT OIL 200gr
  • 21gr BEEWAX
    • Omit if you prefer it to be more of a lotion
  • 1/4 CUP COCOA BUTTER  25gr
  • 1/4 CUP SHEA BUTTER 50 gr
  • 25 DROPS LAVENDER EO (optional)
  • 2 TSPN VIT E OIL (Optional – helps oils from oxidizing)
    • Non-Nano means it won’t soak into blood stream. It can also be ommitted if you don’t want. If you omit I’d use Red Raspberry Oil or Carrot seed oil instead which are high in SPF.
  • 15-30 SPF
  • Makes approximately 12 oz


  1. Partially melt beeswax, add cocoa let melt a little then add the shea butter let melt a little and then add the coconut oil. Once melted then add the infused oils and incorporate completely. then add the Aloe Vera Gel and incorporate completely.
  2. Add Essential Oil & Vit E Oil
  3. Remove from heat and stir in the zinc oxide.  Be careful and wear a mask and goggles so as not to get in mucus membranes while stirring.  Use a whisk to mix as through as possible.
  4. Let sit till it solidifies. Will take a while. Then refrigerate.

This will melt in the sun, but you can add back to fridge when you get home and then it will solidify again. So keep in a leak proof container. If you prefer it to be more lotion like omit the beeswax.

NOTE: I use the infused oils because it adds some healing and protecting properties. I do sell these infused oils if you’d like to get from me. Or you can just use any organic oil you have. Red Raspberry Oil & Carrot Seed Oil are extremely high SPF 25-50 and are great for the skin! I also buy all these items in bulk so it might be a lot cheaper for you to get from me.

This rubs in really well and does not stay white on the skin.