One of the things I treasured most as an aspiring herbalist was going to other herbalist’s websites and gleaning knowledge from them. So thankful that they are willing to share with the rest of us.  I also listened to many podcast’s to learn a lot, and have viewed plenty of free herbal mini courses and scores of webinars.  I’ve compiled all that here to share with everyone I know who is aspiring to become an herbalist also, so they can find it all in one easy spot.

Reputable Herbal Resources:  Here’s a list of all the resources I was able to find from other herbalists whom are well known in the community.  There are monograph, ailments, and plenty of other great things you can learn from!

Herbal and Natural Medicine Podcast’s:  Lot’s of great podcast’s out there from herbalist or natural MD’s or natural paths.  Many hours worth of learning for your ears!

Free Aromatherapy Mini Courses:  These were so wonderful.  Gave me a healthy respect for the use of essential oils, instead of the hodgepodge of miss information you can get on the web.

I hope to add in the future mini herbal courses, webinars, & you tube videos so check back!


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