What to Expect at a Consultation:

As an herbalist I want to treat your body as a group of interconnected systems. My goal is to determine the root cause, the reason your systems are malfunctioning, and attempt to use herbs to bring your bodies systems back into order.

An example of my approach would be in dealing with a fever.  A fever is a symptom of a deeper issue – possibly a cold virus.  A typical application of over-the-counter or prescription drugs in this case would be to suppress the fever.  However, the fever is there to assist your body to fight the root cause, a cold virus, and suppressing often results in the prolonging of the life of the virus.  My approach is to work with the body and provide herbal remedies that help the body fight the virus.

The herbalist approach, generally cannot be done in a single visit.  The number of visits is highly dependent on your condition and the herbal solution.

The general rule is it can take a 1/3rd of the time you’ve had it to start seeing results.  If you have had digestive issues for 1 year it can take about 3 mo.

Please watch this video here (shorter version) on symptoms, this video here for chronic issues, or for a more in depth longer version watch this video here which explains wonderfully how Herbalist’s work and think. It is very informational.

Please check my calendar here to look at my available times, for an appointment.

Consultations are currently held at my home in Bellevue, NE



This is a 1 & 1/2 hour consultation with me. You will fill out a form and return to me 2 days prior to our meeting. I will then meet with you and we will discuss things I think might help you in your journey back to wellness.  Typically, the herbs I give you in the first consult will help with symptoms while addressing some of the root cause.  The herbs given at this consult, when taken as directed, will last about 3 weeks. Scheduling the follow-up consult at this time is advised.

COST: $60. The $60 includes the cost of any initial herbs.

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This consult generally takes 30-45 min. At this consult I usually strengthen your blend with stronger herbs and start you towards a path of addressing the root cause.  The herbs given during this follow-up will last for approximately a month.

COST: $40 which includes 1 month supply of herbs.

SAVINGS: If you choose to pay for the Initial and Follow-up Consult at your 1st apt you can get a 10% discount paying $90 for the 2 appointments.

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If you have done an initial consult with me and have something new you’d like to address with me then you can fill out the quick consult form and meet with me for 30 min to discuss new issues. Priced accordingly.

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This is for minor aches, pains, and/or immune system.  This is not intended for chronic conditions (unless you’ve already had an initial consult).  These are typically 30 min. Form must be filled out and sent 2 hours prior to appointment.

COST: $30 which includes the 1oz formula needed, that should last a week.  If a larger bottle is needed, cost will be adjusted accordingly.

$38 for a consult with 2oz

$54 for a consult with a 4oz.

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This is intended for chronic issues. Typically, this appointment last 30-45 min. A Follow-up may be needed depending on situation. Non Chronic issues can be taken care of with a quick consult.

COST: $45 which includes a 3 week custom blend.

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This is intended to review the past three weeks, and tweak blend if needed.

COST: $35 Which includes a 4 week custom blend.

SAVINGS: Can pay for Kids initial and follow-up at 1st apt for a $10 savings.  $70 total.

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Please allow 3 days notice before wanting to pick up a custom blend.

1 OZ – CUSTOM BLEND $10 – Typically last’s for about a week.

2 OZ – CUSTOM BLEND $18 – Typically last’s for about 2 weeks.

4 OZ – CUSTOM BLEND $34 – Typically last’s for about 1 month.


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If you do not live near me I can do a consult with you over Skype/email. I do not however ship custom blends.  I will gladly share my knowledge with you and send you the information as to where you can get the herbs and how to formulate your own blends. Prices are the same as above minus $10 since you are not receiving an herb from me.

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I like to help as many individuals as I can. If money is preventing you from meeting with me I have a program set up to lower the cost. If you are willing to come and help me process and make herbs I am willing to give of my time freely and will charge you only for my cost of the herbs you need.

Please use my contact me form here, if you’d like to learn more about this option.

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