Family Herbalist Mentorship

This is a bit like a mentorship, you will learn how to take charge of your own health and your family’s health using herbs with confidence. It is a beginner’s program.  You will be able to call yourself a Family Herbalist after you complete it.  I will teach you what I know and pass along other resources on how to obtain more information and apply it to your own life.

I will be working with you on a small group basis however sometimes I might invite others for instruction in the lab.

I will be guiding you in a systematic approach of how to learn about herbs and obtain this information on your own for free or with minimal cost to you from book recommendations.  This will entail me giving a list of resources to study from our topic of discussion.  This helps to keep the cost down drastically. The more you utilize the extra material shared with you the more you will benefit from this program.  I also feel that when you learn from multiple herbalist’s you will obtain a broader scope of herbal knowledge, instead of just having one herbalist’s viewpoint.

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This mentorship will include 3 hours of instruction time per month.  To start with we will do ½ Class time and ½ lab time. We will have some active participation time in the herb lab making things or with herb walks. With some occasional make & take items. Classroom instruction: you can have in-person classes or Zoom classes, whatever you are comfortable with currently or fits your schedule best.  Schedule will depend on you. You will need to sign-up via my scheduling app.  These will be 2 – 1.5 hr sessions per month.

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I will be there for you for 1 free scheduled visit per month to answer any questions you have about your family’s health. I will walk through my thought process on why I recommend the herbs I do. This will honestly net you the most benefit as being able to apply the knowledge that you are learning is the best way to learn.  Also included answering of questions that are easy to answer and does not require a scheduled visit. You will also learn how to conduct interviews this way and have a glimpse into the Clinical Herbalist’s path.

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Any herbs that you would like to use for your family will be available to you at wholesale.

Some herbs are available free from my yard/garden for you to make at home.


If you would like a certificate of completion, then the videos and reading material I assign will be required homework.  There will be test’s and the test’s/homework will need to be completed for certificate to be received.  Certificate will include hours completed. Certificates are great if you plan to pursue a clinical herbalist path and meet with your own clients outside of meeting your families health needs.


$60/MONTH. + a 1 time $100 supply fee for make & takes due at the beginning of Mentorship/Program.

Sign with a friend and it is $37.50/mo. for each of you.  You both must meet with me at the same time. AND if 1 friend drops it goes back to original cost.

Sign with 2 friends and it is $30/mo. for ea. of you.  You all 3 must meet at the same time. 3 people limit currently (for in-person classes)

This can also be accelerated for 6hrs/mo at double the cost. 

This is a yearlong program *IF* you go at my pace.  It can be up to you. I expect around 3 extra hours of work per week for you to cover the extra material I give you, to deepen your knowledge of what I talk about. If you do all the extra material assigned you will walk away feeling confident in working with your family for most everyday ailments. This however does not need to be limited to a 1-year course.

If you are taking this course long distance you may forgo the make and takes, I will send videos or instructions on how to make herbal preparations and if you wish I can send you kits to make the make them on your own. You pay shipping.

Since April I have been taking classes with my beloved herbalist, Mindy at Herba Remedium. All of the classes I have taken so far are amazing! The tools and knowledge that Mindy gives in these classes are easy and practical to apply to everyday life. There is a ton of useful information in every class. My absolute favorite classes to date are Food for Medicine and Herbs for Kids. If you guys are interested in learning how to use herbs, I highly recommend taking the classes she has to offer. AND if you’re in the area, she has make and take classes too!!

Sarah F.

I love Mindy’s passion for her work. She is well prepared and makes learning easy and fun. I always enjoy her presentation and especially learn a lot during in-house lab sessions. She has a knack for a variety of methods of teaching and really understands the health and wellness application of each herb and plant. I am amazed at the vast array of uses of the plants we study! I also appreciate the many resources she provides; from books to articles to online sites. Mindy is a wealth of knowledge, quite a treasure.

Pam Y.

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